We have two different style of nosebands available the standard woven or the fishtail woven.  Both styles are included in the price and the color options available in the following colors.  (The solid colors are an exact match to the halter rope.)  

Chocolate Teal Noseband Fishtail.jpg
Fishtail Noseband 3.jpg
2 Knot Solid Noseband 2.jpg
2 Color Standard Weave Noseband.jpg

Fishtail Weave (1 Color)

Standard Weave (2 Color)

Fishtail Weave (2 Color)

Standard Weave (1 Color)


We have many different color of 550 paracord available to choose from.  The solid colors are identical to the rope colors and can be used as borders or by themselves.  If you have a color in mind check out to see all of the available colors.  The ones listed below are in stock colors but others can be ordered but will add a week to the turn around time.  

Solid Color Options


 Multi-Color Options

Multi Colored Paracord.jpg
Multi Colored Paracord 3.jpg
Multi Colored Paracord 2.jpg
Multi Colored Paracord 4.jpg