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We are now offering discounts on bulk orders of 10 or more!  We are also offering custom shrink tags for our halters.  These are created using your exact logo or font.  The custom shrink tags are ordered in quantities of 50 or more but 100 or more is the best value.  This is a one time charge.  We create your halters using your tags and hang on to the additional tags for your next order for no additional charge.  Below is the pricing information.  To place orders or for questions please message us or call (479) 640-8673 or fill in the form below.  Since there are so many options for customs we do like to do those via messenger, email or phone to make sure we get all the details.  Below are a few of the options available to add to orders.


At Twisted Knot Halters we pride ourselves in great fitting, custom sized halters.  We use 100% double braid polyester yacht rope which is incredibly strong and won’t stretch, fade or mildew.  We pride ourselves in making halters that fit every horse.  We provide measuring charts to help with sizing and can work off of photos as well.  We are now offering bulk discounted pricing for our halters or halter/lead rope sets if 10 or more are purchased at a time.  We have many colors of halter rope and lead rope to choose from in soft, firm or stiff rope.  Our halters are made using ¼” diameter rope and our lead ropes are made using 9/16” diameter rope.  Pricing is as follows: 




Halters in soft, firm or stiff rope with 2 knot or 4 knot nosebands (without lead ropes) - $25 each 

(The following options add $5 for each additional item:  Braided Nosebands, Easy Off Clips)


Halters (2 knot or 4 knot) with 9/16” lead ropes tied on (10’ standard length) - $35 each

(The following options add $5 for each additional item:  Braided Nosebands, Easy Off Clips, Snaps, Poppers)




We also can create a custom halter or lead rope specifically designed for your business!  We have many different fiber colors to choose from.  Custom rope orders take about 8 – 10 weeks to receive and come in 2400’ runs.  A run of 2400’ of halter rope material can make 126 Average size halters (more if weanling size) and a run of 2400’ of lead rope material can make 240 lead ropes (10’ standard less if longer lengths).  Custom halters and lead ropes can be created specifically for you using your custom colors and design.  Ask us for more information regarding custom rope options.





All halters come with our standard TK shrink tag but you can further customize your halters by adding your own custom shrink tags with your name and logo on them for $115 for 100 tags.   Your custom logo and text will be on the front of the tag and our website on the back.  We can hold onto the additional tags and the next time you need an order there is no additional charge for adding the tags.  Logos can be emailed to in jpeg, or pdf format in black and white.  The tags are 3/8” tall and 2 ½” in length.  (We recommend using your logo on the left and then two lines of text to the right).  We do have a graphic designer on staff that can help with adjustments or logo creation for an additional fee.  There are several different color options for the shrink tubing and the ink colors are available in black and white.  We also offer hot stamping in multiple color options (ask for more information).  The custom tags are very popular and are used for sale halters, show halters or promotional give aways or gifts.


We would love to hear from you and help you create the perfect custom halter for your farm, ranch or business!  You can reach use by phone at (479) 640-8673 or by email at


For quotes or general questions fill out the form below.

Hi!  Thanks for reaching out we will get back with you as quick as we can.  If there is a specific time that is better for us to respond please let us know.  Thanks.  Kristy 

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